Friday, March 4, 2016


    Kerala, also known as the God's own country, must see destination for any tourist visiting Iatts beautiful forests, lakes, tea plantations, back waters and beaches, it attracts thousands of visitors every year , all of whom leave with memories to cherish. Backpacking Kerala is a unique opportunity never to be missed.

 I have seen many travellers being nervous about backpacking Kerala.
They worry about the places to see, safety as well as budget..
I wish to share a few backpacking tips about seeing my state
First, known how many days you are willing to spend in Kerala..  because to tell the truth the list of destinations is endless.. I would suggest you have at least 20 days for a good visit without rushing through.Unsure where to go? read great books to know in advance like

Use Cochin International Airport as your entry point.You can stay at the Cochin youth hostel or any private ones like Vedanta wake up.. Then visit Fort Kochi, the usuall visitors paradise with its rich heritage.Then move on to Varkala and the fishing villages for some great time and great local food..

   From there take a train to Angamaly railway station and proceed to Munnar and Thekkady.. Enjoy the beautiful plantation s and Prestine forests of mother nature.Don't forget the peaceful meadows of Vagamon nearby...I would advice you to stay near Munnar but avoid the costly hotels.. Take a backpacker hostel.. Then move on toAlappuzha, Venice of the east, enjoy backwaters of kerala.

Now ask yoursef: do you have 3 more days to spare? If answer is yes, take a train to Calicut station, Go to Wayanad district. See its hills and forests. the beauty of serine forests and climb onto tree houses .see the tribal villages. Trek thru forests

1. A GOOD UMBRELLA Kerala is most known for its rains.remember.always pack a strong umbrella or raincoat that can meet the tropical downpours

2. A good mosquito repellent
A sad truth  that espescially towns like Cochin and Alappuzha and many parts of Kerala have still mosquitoes as the number one enemy, thanks to unscientific waste management ant water management.So beware, beat the esease carriers.pack enough protection as mosquito creams to escape a dreaded day in hospital

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